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신병문 · Shin Byoungmoon

Shin Byoungmoon / Korea

Shin Byoungmoon(1971~) is a traveling photographer who studied Geography in college and photographed every corners of Korea. After discovering the flying tool, the began the project 『Discovery of Korea』 which photographs land from the sky. In his personal flying object, he captures the novel and mysterious of the scenery with a vocation to awaken the worthiness and preciousness of the land. He is currently on 10 year photo recording project until 2022, capturing Korea from the land and the sky. He was in charge of aerospace photography for ‘Opening Millennial Project’ of Gyeonggi-do in 2018. His works are either published or still being published serially in various medias including, monthly Buddhism Culture, monthly Country Life, National Geographic(Korean), and KDN Life.

Garden of the Sea

The west coast, Korea, 2013-2020

 Mudflat seen from the sky features a whole new world. It refers to the land of the ocean that is revealed twice a day according to the comes and goes of the tide. In the west coast of Korea, mudflat is shallow and well developed that it is good for spawning various kinds of fish and shellfish such as clams and oysters. For this reason, various migratory birds stay on the mudflat for resting and breeding throughout the year. About 164 species of plants and phytoplankton and 687 species of animal inhabits in the region, and 47% of the endangered waterbirds world wide use the region as a major habitat. 83% of the total mudflat is distributed in the west coast of Korea, and it is also one of the world’s top five mudflat along with the ones in the east coast of Canada, the coast of Georgia in the eastern United States, the North Sea coast of Europe, and the coast of the Amazon River.

Algal Bloom in Nakdong River

Nakdong River, Korea, 2014-2019 

The Four River Restoration Project under Korean Green New Deal policy, which was promoted from December 2008 to April 2012 with the budget of 22 trillion KRW, was proceeded on the four major rivers including Han River, Nakdong River, Geum River, and Yeongsan River despite the experts’ oppositions. The foreseen side effects appeared inevitably. Particularly, as the flow of the river becomes slow, severe degradation in water quality began to occur. The most distinct problem witness was the reproduction and spread of the green algae. Sky inspection was conducted to check the changes occurred in the regions of Four River Restoration Project, and it was clear that the entire area had serious green algae problem. As a person who is rooted in the south of Changnyeong district nearby the Nakdong River, I have never experience such phenomenon before the project. My original intention was to capture the seriousness of algal bloom but rather beautiful scenery were depicted from the site. It became a paradox of expressing the tormenting truth through the beauty.



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